We are all born dead until we find the will to fulfill our passion, and in that moment, our passion becomes our purpose.

Our passion is bringing stories to life in the art we wear. We believe our clothes should tell a story. Our tattoo inspired clothing brand is a canvas of experiences. From the ink we wear to the music we listen to, inspiration is found everywhere. Are you ready to join the Born Dead movement?

Browse our tattoo apparel for men & women. Our alternative hoodies, graphic tees, jackets are street-ready with one of a kind designs that tell a unique story. Our tattoo inspired apparel is more than a brand, it is a way of life. 

Whoever you are, and wherever you roam, we encourage you to find your passion & wear your story proudly.  


There are some tattoo inspired clothing for you. More than these, click into our collection and explore more for yourself.


FUCK LUCK WORK HARDER Hand Flowers Black Print T-shirt




BAD BEHAVIOR Skull Roses Graphic Black Print T-shirt




Skull Flowers Letter Graphic Casual Black Print Hoodie


STAY COLD Rose and Arrow Tattoo Design Black Print T-shirt